Num-Num™ helps you count and spell numbers in foreign languages. You can use it when you write checks or to practice counting. Supported languages in this version are English (US and UK), Spanish (European and American), French, German, Italian, Portuguese (European and Brazilian) and Dutch.

Num-Num™ lets you enter the number you want to spell. You can also step sequentially through a series of numbers (one, two, three...) so you can learn how to count. Num-Num can spell numbers in a variety of formats (cardinal, money, year or ordinal).

You can select another language or another output format. Press the [+] and [-] buttons to go to the next or previous number. On the sound-enabled version, you can also switch between male and female voices and turn sound on and off.

A cardinal number is a normal number (one, two, three), whereas an ordinal number indicates order (first, second, third). A distinct format is needed for years because in some languages (like English), numbers like 1967 are spoken differently as a cardinal number ("one thousand nine hundred sixty seven") than a year ("nineteen sixty seven").

Num-Num is available on iOS versions 3.1.3 and above, on both iPhone and iPad (screenshots below). Sound is available on iOS 4.2 and above.